What is Poken?


What is Poken?

The Poken is a keitai strap or key chain that bridges the gap between real world networking and online communication.

Panda Poken on key chain

Panda Poken on key chain

To connect to a friend, simply do a “high-four” with the two pokens’ little hands. The data communication lasts about one second, so you can pull them apart after 1 or 2 seconds.

The pokens’ palms glow green if the connection is successful. If they glow red, then there has been an error. In that case, simply high-four them again for a few seconds.

Touch your poken to as many friends as you’d like to share your online social network profile(s).

How does it work?

Check here for a detailed explanation.

Poken Manners Video:

Official Poken Video