Nikkei Youth Network

Events where poken are utilized often differ greatly in range and public, yet the purpose usually is the same: helping people connect in real life. The past weekend I had the opportunity to witness that connectivity once again with my own eyes. Nikkei Youth Network, an organization supporting Nikkei youngsters in connecting and laying a path towards the future. Their mission is giving support to Nikkei youth and providing a solid community on which they can rely. So they had a summit: The NYN Summit Japan, a whole weekend of activities to fortify a very lively and enthusiast community. Each participant received a poken with customized cap at the beginning of the summit which helped people connect using social media. It was with great joy that I witnessed people talking, exchanging ideas and experiences, laughing and in the end “High fouring” with each other, bound to add new friends online and to keep in touch. Poken even was the key tool during a social media game!

The organizers of the NYN summit coaxed a fun an adventurous weekend, with Pecha Kucha presentations  and a social game each day ending in a well to do high class environment. Saturday ended in the Pink Cow, a very relaxed bar with a wonderful chef in the kitchen, because the food was excellent. They serve some nice beers, and when somebody says nice beers, Gary Brewermann from Beers for Books isn’t far away. The NYN organizers linked their summit to all sorts of charity events: Not only Beers for Books, but Bono’s Red Product line, and Chilean Wine supporting charity. The ending party on Sunday, thrown in Favela, a prestigious Brazilian styled bar on the 7th floor in Aoyama was initiated by Parties for Peace. Wow, a lot of charity at once J. You should check them all out because Poken Japan definitely supports all those good causes! We hope that all those initiatives will only reap success in the future and can help more people. Also, the fact that Nikkei Youth Network is so inspired to relate their summit to all of those causes can only be respected! We, the Poken team are really happy that we could be of assistance to Nikkei Youth Network and be a small wheel in the bigger picture. Thanks to all and good luck! We’ll keep connected ;-)

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